Here’s How Two Way Radios Can Help In Schools

In a world where mobile phones rule, two-way radios like Motorola handheld radios are proven to still be useful. These communication devices are most commonly associated with military and police departments, but their wide array of use extends to many more sectors — from media to industrial to academic institutions.

If you’re running a school or an executive office in one, you might want to consider investing in these radios to enhance communication and safety in your campus premises. This article rounds up seven major benefits of these practical yet extra helpful devices.

They offer superior privacy. In schools, there are things that should remain confidential. With the help of two-way radios like Motorola handheld radios, an individual can instantly — and safely — relay an important message to another party.

They are cost-effective. Compared with usual phone plans that many organizations use, radios offer a more cost-effective communication solution. Schools, in general, have many items in their roster of expenses. So if you want to allocate and use your budget wisely, you can save on money when you opt for radios as your way of communication within the campus.

They are easy to use. Though there are different models of two-way radios, they basically operate in the same manner: there’s a push-to-talk button used to let the user speak, a microphone and a loudspeaker that records and relays the message, and an antenna that sends and receives messages via radio waves. This easiness of use makes radios a more practical and convenient device for communication.

They provide a more efficient way of directing school traffic. In a school setting, one of the major issues encountered by administrators is school traffic. Vehicles transporting students and staff come and go; pedestrians cross the street frequently. With this scenario, what you’ll need are communication gears that offer prompt message delivery and response. And this is exactly what two-way radios (e.g. Motorola handheld radios) can provide.

They help enhance security on the campus. With the population of students, instructors, and other staff members, it comes as no surprise why schools must have heightened security measures. Apart from having reliable security guards or equipping buildings and areas with CCTVs and fire emergency/basic first aid kits, you should also invest in two-way radios that offer instant communication. If a certain situation is relayed to the right person immediately, proper resolution can also be given right away.

They make school bus communication easier. Many students rely on school buses as their main mode of transportation to and from their school. Two-way radios can help drivers and staff communicate details about headcount, take off and arrival times, and more.

They help safe keep students during field trips. To further immerse students in other forms of learning, educational field trips are being undertaken on a regular basis. With the number of participants you need to manage and keep safe, it is a must to have a reliable set of communication devices. With the help of radio, staff members, instructors and drivers can easily relay messages to one another.

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