Divorced? Your Eco-friendly Card Application Still Holds Good

The United States immigration law gives permission for an immigrant to obtain permanent citizenship by marrying an american citizen. This is among the simplest way an individual can obtain a eco-friendly card, application being always a really complicated procedure, as well as how long it requires. When the US citizen marries the immigrant, he/she will request a eco-friendly card and immigrant visa to become issued towards the spouse in the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) division from the American government. However, this is probably the most common way of spouse abuse.

To be able to counter this, the American government has enforced legislation from 1994, which is called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The act was amended in 2001, and it is a significant support for ladies who’ve been victims of spouse abuse, and will help with stopping such occurrences. This law authorizes immigrants who’re married to some US citizen to go forward having a eco-friendly card application by themselves, with no consent or understanding of the spouse. But there is one more issue, relating towards the status from the immigrant’s application if either from the couple had requested divorce, or have been granted exactly the same.

But lately, much clearness continues to be provided with that part too. Based on official government bodies, an immigrant that has experienced spouse abuse can file a eco-friendly card application even when the divorce was already requested due to spouse abuse through the partner. Further, even just in situation the immigrant has separated in the partner, she will still apply when the divorce continues to be granted under 2 yrs ago in the date from the filing from the application. The most crucial step to take this type of scenario would be to approach a lawyer which specializes in VAWA cases, since there’s additionally a special court for these types of cases.

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